How is my Day P&L and Day P/L % calculated in trading platform portfolio?

  • Day P/L is the difference between the previous day's closing price and the Last Traded Price (LTP) of the scrip.

    Day P/L = Market rate – Previous day's closing rate

  • Day P/L % is calculated by comparing this difference with the average rate.

    Day P/L % = ((Market rate – Previous day's closing rate) / Average rate or Purchase cost) * 100 

For example, Ms Keerthy has 5 shares of Federal Bank:

Average RateClosing RateMarket Rate

In this case, 
Day P/L = (100 - 97) * 5 = 15
Day P/L % = [(100 - 97) / 55] * 100 = 5.45%

To find the percentage change in the price of a stock from the previous day's closing price to the current market price, you can follow these steps:

* Add the stock to your watchlist

* Look for the Chg% column

* This will display the percentage change in the stock's price from the previous day's close to the current market price.

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