What is a Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) order?

BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) is an order product type wherein you can place a buy order and sell it on the settlement day. It is a leveraged product offered by Geojit for clients to carry forward a cash/delivery purchase by paying only a margin.

If your BTST position is not squared-off on T+1, the securities will be converted to a cash/delivery position and treated as per the CUSPA guidelines.

Interest is charged on open BTST positions.

T to T+1 dayNIL (to buy today and sell tomorrow)

Interest-free BTST is not available for accounts with existing debit positions. 

To place a BTST order on SELFIE / TraderX:

Select the Product as BTST in the order placement window.

* NRI clients are not eligible to place BTST orders.

* The BTST order facility is available only for securities approved by Geojit and can vary from time to time. Check the latest BTST eligible stock list. 

* Read more on the margin requirements to sell shares.

*We are transitioning to T+1 settlement for equity trades.

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