What are Stacks?

Stacks (Stock Selection and Allocation) are pre-configured baskets of stocks and ETFs that you can invest in with a single click. Stockal aims to solve the challenge of 'what to invest?' with curated, ready-made portfolios centred around an idea or theme. 
  • Each Stack is developed by leading financial experts to match different investment strategies, risk-tolerance levels, and investing goals. 
  • A rigorous research process ensures accurate matching of investment ideas to opportunities.
  • Multiple forward-looking macro and micro uptrends are constantly analysed using technical analysis to identify drivers of value-creation in the ecosystem.

There are currently 8 Stacks available on the platform. Stockal will continue to expand this.
Types-Thematic, Expert/Celebrity, Industry 
FeaturesSingle-click buy, Automated rebalancing, No entry/exit loads
Benefits- Diversification, Expert-managed, Active rebalancing

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