What are Fractional Stocks on Stockal? How do they work?

Through Stockal, you can invest in a fraction of a stock; as low as a 1000th (0.0001) of a share. For example, you can buy 0.05 of an Apple share.

Advantages of Investing in Fractional Stocks:
  • Ease of BuyingYou don't have to think in terms of 'How many shares should I buy?'. You can simply decide to invest a certain amount of money, and the number of units is automatically calculated and credited to your account. For instance, if a stock is valued at $27 and you decide to invest $100 in it, you will get 3.70 shares.
  • Diversified Portfolio-Many popular US stocks are expensive when compared to typical Indian stocks. Hence, with fractional stocks, you can effectively build a diversified portfolio with small amounts of money.

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