How can I transfer/add funds to my Stockal trading account for global investments?

A few changes have been made to the fund transfer process Learn more

To add funds to your Stockal trading account:

Step 1. Initiate the payment on Stockal by selecting your bank (from the available list) and entering the required details.

Step 2. Complete the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) process.

  • Offline- The LRS document is autogenerated with your details. This can be submitted at your bank branch, or collected by scheduling a pick-up.
    • If you schedule a pick-up, the Stockal support team will call and confirm your details. An executive will pick up the LRS document as scheduled and deliver it to the concerned bank as per Stockal's arrangements.
    • Stockal will generate an LRS ID for the client to call and check in case of any delays. This ID is used internally by Stockal to manage each LRS remittance with your bank.

  • Online- Digital LRS enabled banks allow you to make the transfer online via net banking.

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